Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Taj Palace… Random thoughts after a visit

I visited the Taj Palace yesterday night… Innocent little me thought it would be desolate at midnight but it was full of likeminded gawking Bombayites being herded thru the security cordon to catch a glimpse of beautiful building we all love so.
There were scores of people lighting protest candles. Post Rang de Basanti, lighting candles has practically assumed the proportions of a pastime. I don’t want to belittle the motives of people who do that; I’m sure they feel every bit as angry and horrified about what we have had to undergo. But by lighting candles and writing blogs for that matter, we are doing little more than giving vent to our anger into the path of least resistance, to no end at all. The net effect is nothing more than what is achieved by our politicians condemning the attack and forgetting about it in a week. How can we channelize our feelings in something more productive manner? I grope for answers and find none…
Overhearing people commenting on the attack around me, practically everyone, old and young, Hindu and Muslim, is discussing the fact that something like this attack will happen again soon. I mean with the political will and intelligence network we seem blessed with, it is hard to logically disagree. But by being so defeatist are we not getting into a vicious circle of despondency and self- fulfilling prophecies?
On a more happy note, repairs are on in full swing. To hand it out to Jamshedji Tata, he has constructed a fortress; the external façade hardly seems affected. Internally, I am sure it is a very different matter but the place is a hive of activity. I look forward to being there, whenever.

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